Bloody Mary/Virgin Mary

Bloody or Virgin, this spicy, tangy drink is the classic accompaniment to a lazy Sunday brunch. It also delivers substantial amounts of vitamin C and other important nutrients. What a pleasant way to get your vitamins!

Yield: 8 cups without vodka; 10 cups with vodka.

8 cups V8 juice
½ cup prepared horseradish, or more to taste
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon Tabasco sauce, or more to taste
2 teaspoons freshly cracked black pepper
2¾ cups vodka (omit for a Virgin Mary)
Ice cubes
Celery sticks, for stirring
Lemon or lime slices

1. Place the V8 juice, horseradish, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces, pepper, and vodka in a large pitcher, and stir well. Pour over ice, and garnish with celery stick and lemon slice.

From Warehouse to Your House: More than 250 Simple, Spectacular Recipes to Cook, Store, and Share When You Buy in Quantity (Simon & Schuster, 2006)