Tropical Fruit Salad

The truth is that there are enough salsa recipes for an entire other book, but I couldn’t resist this one, which is more unusual than most. Try it with grilled fish.

Makes about 3 cups.

½ pineapple, peeled, cored, and finely chopped
1 ripe mango, peeled, pitted, and finely chopped
1 ripe papaya peeled, seeded, and finely chopped
1 medium-size onion, finely chopped
1 jalapeño chile, seeded and finely chopped
Juice and grated zest of 1 well-washed lime
Kosher salt to taste

1. Place everything in a medium-size nonreactive mixing bowl and mix well.

2. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate for up to 2 hours.

Serve with tortilla or potato chips.

From Party Dips! 50 Zippy, Zesty, Spicy, Savory, Tasty, Tempting Dips (The Harvard Common Press, 2004)