ChopChop Family is a national nonprofit led by our mission to teach kids and families how to cook, eat, and learn about real, nourishing food. We focus on affordable home cooking using uncomplicated, inexpensive ingredients, and teachable skills. To that end, we work with families, schools, pediatricians, Head Start, WIC and SNAP, Tribal Nations, departments of health and education, like-minded food brands and supermarkets, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Centers for Disease Control.

Our James Beard award-winning flagship quarterly kids’ cooking magazine, ChopChop is published in both English and Spanish and is at the heart of our work. It’s ad-free and filled with delicious recipes, essential how-to’s, STEAM activities, fun food facts, interactive games, and gorgeous photographs of kids making and eating good food. Praised for its engaging content by the national press, American Academy of Pediatrics, James Beard Foundation, and Parents’ Choice Foundation, ChopChop is inspiring kids to cook and to be nutritionally curious and literate. ChopChop Family gets kids excited about cooking by working with every sector –public, private and government –to distribute the magazine wherever kids can be found.

Our new tool, Eatable Alphabet is an independent flip-through activity deck for preschoolers. People need creative ways to keep their kids busy and learning, especially right now, so we designed the deck to promote early nutrition awareness, sensory experience, and literacy across a range of subjects including food, language, math, and numbers. It’s helping families to thrive a little extra right now—which is no small thing.

We also publish a free monthly newsletter—one that’s filled with activities for kids as well as recipes for caregivers looking to stretch their resources, take good care of their families, and turn ingredients into meals.

ChopChop Family offers a solution that is both simple and easily achievable: Cook real food at home with your family. Engage your kids and grandkids. Or let them engage you if that’s what it takes.