Not Your Mother’s Peanut Brittle

I initially made toffee and brittle as a vehicle for using broken bits of pecans that I felt were too small to bag and sell. Although these two recipes are great using the nuts I have specified, they are really special – in fact sublime – when made with nuts that have already been flavored. Any of these Party Nuts! Recipes are great in brittle and toffee; the spicy ones are my favorites.

Shellacked Balsamic Pecans
Curried Pecans With Orange
Crunchy Chili and Brown Sugar Pecans
Paige’s Snappy Toffeed Pecans
Rum-Glazed Spiced Pecans
Sugared Bourbon Pecans
Holy Mole Pecans
Charlie’s Art Teacher’s Orange-Cinnamon Pecans
Jennifer Ligeti’s Classic Sugared Holiday Nuts
Jenny’s Friend Leo’s Grandmother’s Pumpkin Pecans
Rachel Travers’s Cinnamon Spiced Pecans
Honey-Cardamom Almonds
Paige’s Cinnamon and Clove Spiced Hazelnuts
Lauren’s Vanilla Walnuts
Paige’s Hot Peppered Candied Walnuts
Stan Frankenthaler’s Mother’s Sugar and Spice Walnuts